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After the death of the Founder, Cav. Gianesi Edilio, which took place in 2013, Nuova General Instruments has maintained its corporate structure and its staff.

We boast an all-female leadership.

Albertini Patrizia, former Director of a historic company of the group for over 40 years and trusted person of the founder, partner and CEO of Nuova General Instruments since 1987.

Gianesi Barbara, grandson of the founder, after working at Gianesi Edilio srl, settled in 2010 at Nuova General Instruments srl performing various tasks: administrative, commercial and study of production processes. An intense training experience that will allow her to hold the position of CEO from 2013 onwards.

The Gianesi Family and Albertini have maintained the corporate spirit desired by the Founder but with an eye to the future, investing in new technologies, expanding the production area, duplicating the staff, creating a dedicated research and development office and expanding towards new markets thanks to the acquisition of new international approvals.

Patrizia and Barbara, assisted by a team of executives who have been working at NGI for over 20 years, represent the experience, solidity, quality and the search for innovation and development, which are the values ​​we want to convey with our products.