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What is the minimum delivery time for the supply of valves?

Normally 10/15 days, but in cases of urgency or special requirements we try to meet Customer’s requirements by despatching the order in 4 days.


By sending a text-free e-mail to the address [email protected] you will receive the automatic reply with the first date available for testing and the management methods for any urgent needs.

On what types of plant can the valves that you manufacture be installed?

Our safety valves can be installed on any kind of plant taking account of the type of fluid involved and the material from which the safety valve is manufactured.

What is the definition of the calibration pressure?

The pressure at which a safety valve under operating conditions begins to open (when release of the fluid begins).

What parameters are needed to size a safety valve?

The basic parameters are the calibration pressure, the discharge flow rate that the safety valve must be able to handle, the type of fluid and the operating temperature. Additional information about the material and the type of connection can also help to identify the most suitable model.

What types of documents do you supply with the safety valve?

A statement of compliance in accordance with the certification required (CE, ASME XIII, CRN, ATEX, EAC CU-TR), and a user and maintenance manual are always supplied with each safety valve. On request calculation sheets, EN 10204 – 3.1 material certificate, certificate of origin for usage outside the EC, etc. can also be provided.

How often do valves require servicing?

Inspection of safety valves is restricted to authorised bodies and is regulated by specific laws in force in the country of installation.

What payment methods are accepted?

For the first transaction payment is required in advance by bank transfer, credit card or cash on delivery, the same payment method also applying to existing customers who submit orders with a goods value less than €110.00; for orders above that figure from existing customers payment is by electronic bank receipt due net 60 days from the end of month of invoice.

What are the certifications in accordance with which your valves can be supplied?

We can supply safety valves with the following certifications: CE D.E. 2014/68/UE, ASME XIII, EAC CU-TR, Canadian Registration CRN, ATEX, and NGI certificate. On request testing can be carried out by the leading bodies such as: TÜV, RINA, Bureau Veritas, ABS, Lloyd’s Register, etc.

Is it possible to buy adjustable safety valves?

Yes, we recommend a model’s “/S” version. Ask for the springs’ calibration fields to identify the range of adjustment possible.

What maintenance must be carried out to keep the valve in good repair?

See the User and Maintenance Manual link.