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Since March 2002, Nuova General Instruments has moved into the new and larger factory equipped with the most modern and advanced technologies such as:

  • Barcode management system, for total monitoring of the production progress of each individual batch.
  • Test room for tests and final tests with the most sophisticated equipment.
  • Automatic vertical storage system integrated with the barcode system.
  • Single packaging: a new machine individually packages the valves with its own certificate and the use and maintenance manual.

In 2017 we have duplicated the surfaces; both productive and administrative, implementing our custom-designed technological machinery that allows us total control over quality and speed of order fulfillment, increasing staff and improving the work environment.

We have created services, spaces suitable for recreational activities and staff aggregation, such as a large shaded car park, a large conference room suitable for receiving our guests from all over the world and equipped to start conference calls with each country, flower beds, an area equipped for a lunch break surrounded by greenery and an interior environment suitable for a break or lunch during the working day.

The entire complex is air-conditioned and equipped with photovoltaic panels.

In 2019 we joined "Progetto Vita", installing a defibrillator within our company.