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The ASME certification is the reference standard for pressure equipment manufacturers who sell their products in America.

The ASME XIII, ASME VIII, API520, API521 standards include mandatory construction, control, testing and certification requirements for safety valves with a setting pressure greater than 1barg. This conformity is issued directly by the American notified body National Board. Product tests are carried out in the official NoBo laboratories in Columbus (Ohio) and frequent quality audits are necessary to grant an excellent product quality.

ASME approval is recognized not only in the USA but also in Brazil (NR-13), Mexico (NOM-093), the Middle East and is required in the main engineering specifications of the most important projects in various fields.

Nuova General Insturments safety valves are ASME approved for gaseous and steam state.

ASME Safety Valve Leak Test: All safety valves are leak tested with the use of a hydrogen leak detector. The acceptability criterion is 1 X 10-5 cc/s which is equal to "0" leaks, this meets or exceeds the limits defined in API 527.